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A few bugs/undocumented features

Good Sirs,

I found the following bugs in the previous release of Franz Lisp.  They
appear to remain, as the appended typescript indicates.

1) (mapcar (functin quote) '(lions tigers bears)) dosn't work

2) (implode '(lions tigers bears)) => ltb rather than lionstigersbears

3) (pp environment) causes a bad memory reference

4) (oblist) reports nil twice (I havn't rechecked this in Opus 34

5) Franz Lisp chokes when it comes up on some environments.  In particular,
an environment with extensive TERMCAP and EXINIT variables, with embedded
control characters seems to be a cause of this.  (not shown on typescript.
If the problem does not immediately occur to you, please let me know and
I'll restore my old .login with those settings and send you a duplicatable

6) alphalessp seems to be an alphaleqp, also, it chokes on strings!

Greg (typescript follows)

Script started on Mon Jan 26 11:17:33 1981
Warning: no access to tty; thus no job control in this shell...
1)) lisp
Franz Lisp, Opus 34
-> (mapcar (function quote) '(lions tigers bears))
Args: (ER%misc 0 t |Bad funcall arg(s) to fexpr.| lions)
Error: Bad funcall arg(s) to fexpr. lions
<1>: (showstack)
Forms in evaluation:
(mapcar (function quote) '(lions tigers bears))

<1>: (reset)

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-> (implode '(lions tigers bears))
-> (pp environment)

(setq environment
       ((HOME . /csl/davidson)
        (SHELL . /bin/csh)
        (Args: (ER%misc 0 nil |Internal bad memory reference, you are advised to (reset).|)
Error: Internal bad memory reference, you are advised to (reset).
<1>: (showstack)
Forms in evaluation:
(pp environment)

<1>: (reset)

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-> (alphalessp 'a 'a)
-> (alphalessp "a" "a")
Args: (ER%misc 0 nil |alphalessp expects atoms|)
Error: alphalessp expects atoms
<1>: (showstack)
Forms in evaluation:
(alphalessp "a" "a")

<1>: (reset)

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-> (exit)
script done on Mon Jan 26 11:20:06 1981