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Welcome to the Franz-Friends mailing list.

   Welcome to the Franz-Friends Arpa-net mailing list.    This list is meant
to service persons associated with the Berkeley Franz LISP system running
under Unix (typically  VAX Unix or VMS  emulation).   Hopefully we will be 
able to diseminate recent relevant information  about Franz and associated 

   In order to have a  friend added to the  main list send mail to
SHRAGE@WHARTO. (That's Jeff Shrager@Wharton-10)   The names will be
collected and posted to the file enmasse so it may take  a few days to 
actually get in.  You aren't likely to miss very much  in that time (I hope).

   In order to send out mail to the list send to FRANZ-FRIENDS@MC. 

   There is an  associated implementor's list which you  might prefer to be
on.  Again, send mail  to me if you would like your status changed (or
deleted)  [Note; readers at Berkeley get theirs via an internal net so  they
will have to deal with  "the local authorities" about their status.]

   Enough administrivia (to kwote another imfamous mailinglist).  I've
said my piece and done my handiwork -- now it's up to you to make of this
a useful tool.

					-- Jeff Shrager
					   Department of Computer Science
					   The Moore School
					   Univ. of Penna.