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Announcement of new Lisp for UN*X 4.x VAXen

I don't know if this is the appropriate place for this announcement, but
here goes anyway :-

        YLISP, a Coroutine-based Lisp System for VAXen.

        A friend of  mine, Yitzhak  Dimitrovski, and  myself, wrote a Lisp
system for UN*X 4.x systems on VAXen. It has the following features :-

        o - Coroutines and  closures. The  system uses  these to implement
            the user-interface, single-stepping and  error-handling.  It's
            easy to write a scheduler and time-share YLISP between  two or
            more user programs.
        o - Multiple-dimension arrays.
        o - Multiple name  spaces (oblists) arranged  in a tree hierarchy.
            This is similar to the Lisp Machine facility.
        o - Defstruct structure definition package.
        o - Flavors object-oriented programming tools.
        o - User-extensible  evaluator (it is  possible to (re)define  the
            actions of 'eval', 'apply' and 'print'  relative to all  user-
            and pre-defined types).
        o - Integer arithmetic. No floating-point, sorry. don't think that
            that's  really  necessary, but *could*  be hacked. No  BIGNUMs
        o - Good user-interface with history, sophisticated error handling
            and function-call and variable-assignment tracing facilities.
        o - Extensive library of ported and user-contributed programs,such
            as a variant of the Interlisp  structure editor, 'loop' macro,
            'mlisp' Pascal-like embedded language, etc.
        o - Compiler  that  generates efficient native  assembler code for
            the VAXen. The  compiler is provided as a separate program,due
            to size  considerations. The compiler is  written entirely  in
            Lisp, of course.
        o - Extensive online documentation, as well as  a 400-page  manual
            describing the whole system from a programmer's point of view.

        The system is named  'YLISP', and was written for 4.1 when we were
students at the Hebrew University  at Jerusalem. Since  then, Yitzhak  has
left  for the  US and  is  currently a  Ph.D. student in  Prof. Schwartz's
Supercomputer group at Courant. I have continued to  develop the system on
my own, and have ported it to UN*X 4.2.

        I am looking for a site that is willing to handle the distribution
of this software from the US, by letting  one FTP it  from their computer.
Alternatively, I am also willing to supply people  with magtapes of YLISP,
for the cost of the tape and handling charges (about 70$ a piece).  If you
are interested, please respond by electronic mail to one of  the addresses
given below. I will be  ready  to  start distributing  the  system in  two
weeks' time.

        Rusty Red (AKA Jacob Levy)

        BITNET:                         jaakov@wisdom
        CSNET and ARPA:                 jaakov%wisdom.bitnet@wiscvm.ARPA
        UUCP: (if all else fails..)     ..!decvax!humus!wisdom!jaakov