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Call for papers: Expert Systems Symposium

Call for Papers

Expert Systems in Government Conference

October 23-25, 1985

THE CONFERENCE objective is to allow the developers and implementers
of expert systems in goverenment agencies to exchange information and
ideas first hand for the purpose of improving the quality of
existing and future expert systems in the government sector. 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been maturing so rapidly
that interest in each of its various facets, e.g., robotics, vision,
natural language, supercomputing, and expert systems, has acquired
an increasing following and cadre of practitioners.

PAPERS are solicited which discuss the subject of the conference. 
Original research, analysis and approaches for defining  expert   
systems issues and problems such as those identified in the
anticipated session topics, methodological approaches for analyzing
the scope and nature of expert system issues, and potential
solutions are of particular interest.  Completed papers are to be no
longer than 20 pages including graphics and are due 1 May 1985.
Four copies of papers are to be sent to:

Dr. Kamal Karna, Program Chairman
MITRE Corporation W852
1820 Dolley Madison Boulevard
McLean, Virginia  22102
Phone (703) 883-5866
ARPANET:  Karna @ Mitre

Notification of acceptance and manuscript preparation instructions
will be provided by 20 May 1985.

THE CONFERENCE is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and The
MITRE Corporation in cooperation with The Association for Computing
Machinery, The american Association for Artificial Intelligence and
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics National
Capital Section.  This conference will offer high quality technical
exchange and published proceedings.

It will be held at Tyson's Westpark Hotel, Tysons Corner, McLean,
VA, suburban Washington, D.C.


The topics of interest include the expert systems in the following
applications domains (but are not limited to):

 1.  Professional:           Accounting, Consulting, Engineering,
                             Finance, Instruction, Law, Marketing,
                             Management, Medicine
                             Systems, Intelligent DBMS

 2.  Office Automation:      Text Understanding, Intelligent

 3.  Command & Control:      Intelligence Analysis, Planning,
                             Targeting, Communications, Air Traffic

 4.  Exploration:            Space, Prospecting, Mineral, Oil


 5.  Weapon Systems:         Adaptive Control, Electronic Warfare,
                             Star Wars, Target Identification

 6.  System Engineering:     Requirements, Preliminary Design,
                             Critical Design, Testing, and QA

 7.  Equipment:              Design Monitoring, Control, Diagnosis,  
                             Maintenance, Repair, Instruction

 8.  Project Management:     Planning, Scheduling, Control

 9.  Flexible Automation:    Factory and Plan Automation

10.  Software:               Automatic Programming, Specifications,
                             Design, Production, Maintenance and
                             Verification and Validation

11.  Architecture:           Single, Multiple, Distributed Problem
                             Solving Tools

12.  Imagery:                Photo Interpretation, Mapping, etc.

13.  Education:              Concept Formation, Tutoring, Testing,
                             Diagnosis, Learning

14.  Entertainment and       Intelligent Games, Investment and
     Expert Advice Giving:   Finances, Retirement, Purchasing,
                             Shopping, Intelligent Information