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response to lisp/vi question

in response to:

>I would like to use "=" in VI to indent my lisp code.  When I
>type "=" in front of some lisp code I get
>No alternate filename to substitute for #0
>How do I indent Lisp code (besides using autoindent)?

1. When I type "=" in vi (without :set lisp) I get no response at all.
	Is it possible that you defined a macro named "=" ?
		check your ~/.exrc file for a line beginning:
		:map = <something-or-other>

2. Even after:
	:set lisp

	A single "=" does not seem to cause the correct action, however,
	two successive "="s do.  

to summarize:
	1. remove any mapping of "=" from ~/.exrc
	2. :set lisp
    	3. use "==" rather than "="

- johnson@udel-ee