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redefinition of existing flavors

 As distributed by Berkeley, the flavors package on Opus 38.89
 appears to work in all cases except when a flavor is redefined
 and perform-flavor-redefinition is invoked. The problem, I
 thought, was in copy-hunk-contents, since the default structures
 (and therefore flavors), in Opus 38.89, are VECTORS, not HUNKS.
 However, modifying copy-hunk-contents to copy VECTORS did not,
 completely, fix the problem (i.e, the first modification after
 redefinition of copy-hunk-contents caused an error, the second
 worked but then describe did not work for old instances of the

 Before delving into code with which I am unfamiliar are there
 any differences between Opus 38.89 and 38.91 which might explain

 Sean McLinden
 Decision Systems Lab
 University of Pittsburgh