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[Brint: Software--Who owns it?]

Re: the discussion about Franz flavors and copyright.  Can anyone
answer my friends question?

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Original-Date:     Sat, 3 Mar 84 17:12:30 EST
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 84 22:12:30 GMT
From:     Brint  <abc@brl-bmd>
To:       broome@BRL-BMD
Subject:  Software--Who owns it?

	I've just reviewed the six (count 'em--6) packages of info
you sent me on software and who owns it.  All but one discuss
the conflict between a professor and her university.

	Have you run across much about the issue of the Government's
rights in the case where development was publically funded?

	In other words, if a contractor wants to take a 'university'
owned product and market it for big bucks, I really don't care.
But when one government agency has to pay for a license when it
has previously paid for development, I think the taxpayers would
like to know about it.


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