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REQUIRED FILES for GAMBIT implementation of THOMAS

	There are a couple of slight problems with running Thomas on a
Mac that I forgot about.

	The files runtime-collections-generic1.scm and
runtime-collections-generic2.scm have too long of filename. However,
if you rename these and edit the file runtime.scm to load your renamed
files, everything should load ok.

	There is also a problem with the default size of Gambit. You
should up the Application size as far as you can go. I have had
problems running with a 1.5 Meg partition. I suggest 4 Meg. If you
machine seems to hang during loading, you probably need to make the
partition bigger.

	There is a Gambit version 1.9 that was posted a few day ago,
you may want to use this. I could not find the differences other than
an online help system that does not seem to work. 

	If anyone has any problems, give me a hoot.