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Re: scheme/dylan (was Compilation on SPARC)

    Dylan is aimed at developing 'real' applications, so the burden on 
    scheme is now reduced.  I hope Dylan catches on.  Mail to info-dylan
    from Rob MacLachlan indicates that a high performance Dylan implementation
    is being developed at CMU.  Given the CMU role/experience with Common Lisp
    and the possible efficiency of Dylan,  I am greatly looking forward to this.
I'd better clarify this before the rumors get out of control.  Rob
MacLachlan somewhat overstated the situation in his earlier note.  We in
the CMU Common Lisp project are very much interested in Dylan, but right
now we're engaged only in some preliminary exploration and some kibitzing
on the language design.

We *hope* to mount an effort that will, among other things, produce a
widely available, high-performance implementation of Dylan using much of
the technology that is currently in our Python compiler for Common Lisp
(plus maybe some new tricks).  However, this depends on our ability to put
together the funding and other resources to support such an effort.  We
think that this should be possible, but it is by no means certain at this
point.  We'll let people on this list know when and if our project becomes
more than an exploratory bootleg effort.

We are greatly looking forward to this as well.  I think it culd help Dylan
to "catch on" in several important niches.  I hope it works out that way.

-- Scott

Scott E. Fahlman
CMU Common Lisp Project (fearless leader)
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Internet: sef+@cs.cmu.edu