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Re: Dylan manual...

We sat together on the podium at SGML '92 last week in Danvers. I had no
idea you were interested in Newton! We at BCS are *EXTREMELY* interested
in both Dylan and Newton; I would be fascinated to hear about your project.
Sam Hunting
Editor, BCS Magazine
The Boston Computer Society
One Kendall Square, Building 1400
Cambridge, MA 02139-1562

On Fri, 30 Oct 1992 smithn@orvb.saic.com wrote:

> Please send me a copy of the Dylan manual along with information on
> becoming a Newton developer. We are considering a SGML product
> here at SAIC that I believe would be appropriate to the Newton.
>       Norman Smith
>       Science Applications International Corp.
>       P.O. Box 2501
>       301 Laboratory Road
>       Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37716
> Norman E. Smith, CDP          Science Applications International Corp
> smithn@orvb.saic.com          PO Box 2501
>                               301 Laboratory Road
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