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Bravo DYLAN !!

The first thing I noticed about DYLAN was that you were able to clean
up the baggage that Common Lisp and Scheme have been carrying for so
many years.  I am greatful that Apple has taken up the mission of
trying to settle the Lisp vs C++ arguments.  At TI we have been
resigned to the painful process of learning C++ due to the demands of
management.  There is a great deal of misconception by those who "pay
the bills" that substituting C++ for Lisp is like the exchanging of
equivalent hardware.

Especially in the research quarter at TI, many good Lispers have been
forced to "tie one hand behind their backs" and move to C++.   Those
who wouldn't have left for greener pastures.  I am certian that a
language with the goals of DYLAN could put some power back into
programming for those of us who remain.

I would like to offer my help in promoting the language at TI.  I am
sure it could gather many advocates here.  I have a lot of contact
with people working on CAD and OODB prototypes.  If you would like, I
could attempt to establish a beta site for DYLAN.  Unfortuately, we
have only a few Macs.  Most of the software types have SPARC 2's.  It
was suggested that you would do a Unix port.  When you do, please let
me know.

Rob Farrow
Integrated Systems Laboratory
Texas Instruments
P.O. Box 655474, MS 446
Dallas, TX  75265

EMAIL: farrow@hc.ti.com
FACS: (214) 995-6194
PH:   (214) 995-7399