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Re: Responses to Bravo DYLAN

This isn't from a C++er (yet); sorry!  

I completely agree with what you said regarding Dylan's "real" market in the programming world.  I too am a Lisper being forced by the powers-that-be (usually the government) to move over to C++.  I have found it a near impossible task to convince the people with the bucks that Lisp is an infinitely more productive and expressive environment than C for the AI software development i am involved in.  I really hope that Dylan can win over hard-core C/C++ enthusiasts; if that happens, we Lispers will reap the benefits.  The challenge, however, will be to overcome the prejudice of C people regarding dynamic languages in general and a Lisp-like language in particular.  To do this, it must be proven to them that they will not lose efficiency (though i am not always sure that these claims of efficiency apply to the symbolic computing that we Lispers tend to do...).  This is a very big order, maybe one that will eventually be obviated by faster and bigger computers.  Granted, the IDE!
AL target audience of Dylan is th

Robin Rouch Kladke
Martin Marietta
Denver, CO