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#f = #none ?

alms suggested:
   >    (bind ((no-value (cons #f #f)))
   >      (define-method true-false-dontcare (#key (arg no-value))
I replied:
   > Small problem here: there is no way to explicitly specify a don't care
   > value.  Correction: make no-value visible....  Do you like that
   > solution?  I don't.
alms continued:
   I don't see how you can have it both ways.  Either the don't care value
   is an explicit published part of the protocol, or it's not.

OK, so you export no-value as the no-value indicator.  But it does not
respect Dylan semantics ("in Dylan, all objects besides #f count as
true", p. 63).  I'd prefer to see #t represent True, #f represent
False, and anything else not be a boolean value at all.  Similarly,
#nothing should mean nothing, and #f should mean something, namely
boolean false.