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#f = #none ?

   Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 23:40:50 -0500
   From: Bob Kerns <rwk@crl.dec.com>
   X-Mts: smtp

       Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 16:20:17 EST
       From: cfry@MIT.EDU (Christopher Fry)

       This reminds me of a problem with CL. If Dylan doesn't address it, it 
       should. For an argument in a function call, I would like to explicitly 
       say  "use-the-default-value". 

   (multiple-value-call #'foo
     (if frob-p
	 (values :frob frob-val)
     :blech bletch-val)

I agree with Fry.  I would much prefer being able to:

(foo :frob  (if frob-p frob-val <use-the-default-value>)
     :blech bletch-val)