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RE: <boolean> (was Re: object-class)

> Thats not the same thing as having a small, concise definition of control
> semantics.  In Smalltalk & Self control semantics are spread throughout
> several relevant classes.

I'd agree. Unfortunately, method dispatch is not complete enough to describe a
good set of control forms. Other forms, such as bind-exit, deal with scoping
and pure O-O approaches get weak here. Continuation-passing is better at this,
and is a concise definition of control. I still think that message-passing best
fits into Dylan as an "invisible cond" in the dispatch system. 

What about a type macro system? <true> could be a synonym for (singleton #t),
but I always feel guilty adding stuff to small languages. Perhaps this can be
integrated with the forthcoming definition of macros so as not to be too big.

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