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Call for Authors

MADA is looking for authors for FrameWorks, our bimonthly technical journal.
For those of you not familiar with MADA (formerly the MacApp Developers
Association), we are a nonprofit services organization dedicated to promoting
object-oriented technologies.  Because of our roots, our membership has strong
interests in the Macintosh and MacApp, but we are actively expanding the scope
of our activities.
We are interested in articles about all object-oriented technologies and
languages--technical tips, product reviews, intermediate and advanced
tutorials, and other technical subjects.  Our readers are primarily serious,
advanced programmers, with a strong interest in the latest and best OO
technologies.  We're specifically interested in finding authors that are fluent
in LISP, SmallTalk, and particularly Dylan.  Authors need not be previously
published, but we prefer writers who are technically competent, enthusiastic,
and can develop coherent sentences and paragraphs. MADA pays all FrameWorks
Interested parties should contact:
    Mary Elaine Califf  at MADA.EDITOR@applelink.apple.com or
    Steve Mann          at MADA@applelink.apple.com
to discuss possible articles, reviews, or article series, or to find out more
about MADA.