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Re: Monthly FAQ Posting

>> From alms@cambridge.apple.com Wed Dec  2 17:13:57 1992
>> Dylan(tm) FAQ December 2, 1992
>> * +++ Is Dylan related to the Apple PDA project called Newton?
>>   No. Dylan is being created by Apple's Advanced Technology Group, and no
>>   product-specific implementations of Dylan have been announced yet.
>This is a surprise and a disappointed.  Am I mistaken, or didn't Scully
>announce Dylan at the same time as Newton, and specifically claim that 
>Dylan would be the programming language for Newton?

I am certain that this is not the case.  I'm sure I read nearly every news
release and promotional blurb about Newton and never saw any mention of

>And now I must read here that Dylan is not even "related" to Newton, let
>alone intended to be its principal programming language.