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Re: Dylan rather than CL -- why?

>> fhd@panix.com (Frank Deutschmann) writes:
>> > 3) Why seperate the developmet environment from the language?
>>       o delivery - you don't want to deliver the environment.  At
>>       some point you need to deliver an application and make the
>>       break between environment and language.  Why not specify that
>>       break up front?
>You typically don't want to deliver the _language_ either.
>If you're delivering the language -- ie if users of the application
>are going to me adding Lisp code -- why deprive them of useful tools?

There is no attempt at depravation. It is rather the other way around. 
Unless you draw a clear distinction between the language and the
development environment, you can never ship without the development
environment because you don't know what you can seal off.  Smalltalk-80 was
notorious for this as you could not just "ship binaries"-- you had to ship
the development environment.  Languages such as Scheme or Dylan allow you
to cleanly seal off parts of all of a system.  You can link together an
application rather than just do image snapshots (much nicer to program your
car's engine controller with 1/2 8^).

-Ken                    {note new address: kend@newton.apple.com}