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Re: Common Lisp

	From Moon@MIT-AI  Fri Sep 18 00:00:19 1981
	Date: 18 September 1981 02:33-EDT
	From: David A. Moon <Moon at MIT-AI>
	Subject: Common Lisp
	Not everyone may be aware of the Common Lisp effort currently going on.
	All of the post-Maclisp lisp systems are currently developing a common
	subset of lisp which they will all be compatible with,
	allowing programs to be written to operate on any of these lisps. 
	The lisp systems currently
	involved are Lisp Machine Lisp (in all its incarnations, MIT and
	commercial), CMU's Spice Lisp, and the various NILs (VAX and S-1
	currently, pdp-10 later).

	This message is just to make sure that everyone knows what is happening.
I hope you get this message, and more details of what you are talking about,
to people who might be interested in this.  You mention only a very
small subset of post-Maclisp systems. Some users/developers of other 
post-Maclisp systems might like to contribute. (Franz, VAX Interlisp,
Griss' Portable "Standard Lisp" are among the obvious others.)