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System 67 released

System 67.1 with Zmail 21.0 and Microcode 752 is released to users.  It is installed
on CADR's 4 and 6 and will migrate to others soon.  If you find it necessary to
deinstall it, be sure to deinstall both the LOD and the MCR, and to send a message
to BUG-LISPM explaining what was wrong with it that required it to be deinstalled.

The following changes may be of interest:

This system requires microcode 752.

The body of an UNWIND-PROTECT may now return multiple values.  Code
compiled in system 67 will not run in microcode older than 751 because of
this.  This change should allow quite a few crocks to be flushed.
NOTE: Currently this only works for external multiple values, e.g.
(defun foo () (unwind-protect (values ...) ...)).  Internal multiple
values, as in (defun foo () (multiple-value (a b c) (unwind-protect ...)))
do not work and code of this form will get a compiler error message.  You
can move the MULTIPLE-VALUE inside the body of the UNWIND-PROTECT.

By the way if you were using the undocumented variables UNWIND-PROTECT-xxx
they no longer exist anymore; you shouldn't have been using them anyway.

A number of other multiple-value anomalies with COND, LET, etc. have been flushed.

Resources have been changed in an upward-compatible fashion.  WITH-RESOURCE
has been replaced by USING-RESOURCE with slightly different arguments.  It
will give an obsolete function warning but will continue to work for a while.
The syntax of DEFRESOURCE has been changed but the old syntax will continue
to work for a while.  Refer to the file AI:LMMAN;RESOUR for details.
TV:SYSTEM-WINDOW-ADD-TYPE and friends have been replaced by DEFWINDOW-RESOURCE.

*CATCH now allows any number of body forms, not just one.  (Actually, there
is a maximum of 63 forms in the body when running interpreted code.  If anyone
notices, which seems unlikely, it will be fixed.)

The compiler no longer generates special code for LIST and LIST-IN-AREA.
Instead, LIST, LIST-IN-AREA, LIST*, and LIST*-IN-AREA are now regular functions,
but written in microcode rather than macrocode.  This should provide a small
increase in speed for LIST and a large speedup for LIST*.  This change
introduces a restriction making LIST* allow a maximum of 63 arguments.
LIST already had this restriction (in compiled code) and no one complained
so I guess it must be alright.

SXHASH has been revised to get rid of the bug that (SXHASH '(A B)) and
(SXHASH '(B A)) return the same number, and for increased speed.  It will
therefore return different answers than in previous systems.  By the way,
the result of SXHASH is guaranteed always to be a non-negative fixnum.

The naming convention for system patch files has been changed from
LMPAT;69.1 to LMPAT;69-1 for compatibility with files systems that
can't deal with dots.

These are mostly incompatibilities with the newly-released manual.  Progress
marches on.

DIRED now works on any file computer.  The $ command in it works now
too.  Deleted files start out with a D on Tops-20 and are really
undeleted if you turn off the D with the U command, when done.

When typing a file name at the editor, the ALTMODE and END keys will cause
completion in the same way as when typing a command.  Currently completion
only works usefully with Tops-20.

A number of file-manipulation functions which have been obsolete for many systems
have been flushed.  Refer to chapters 21 and 22 of the red manual for information
on the replacements for these functions.  The following symbols were removed\n from the global package:

The metering system, which is by no means finished nor bug-free yet, is
documented in the file LMDOC;METER >.  Those who want to improve the performance
of their programs can probably get a lot of good out of it even in its present