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Logo graphics for the Lisp Machine

Announcing: Logo graphics for the Lisp Machine!

Want to use the Lisp machine to make line drawings, 
filled-in pictures, color pictures, or animation? 
Looking for higher level and more convenient facilities
than just "Draw from point A to point B"?
The TVRTLE ("TV Turtle") package, originally part of PDP10
Lisp Logo, now runs on the Lisp machine. Some of its
features are:

Simple line drawing and erasing using "turtle geometry"
Flexible relative and absolute coordinate systems, scaling
Floating point coordinates
Drawing points, circles, boxes, text
Automatically filling arbitrary closed curves with patterns
Saving and restoring pictures rapidly as arrays of points
Drawing on color displays, creating new colors
Three dimensional perspective drawing, two-color stereo display
It's reasonably fast

It is fully documented on the XGP file MC:LLOGO;LMTDOC DOC.
The source code lives on AI:LLOGO;LMT > and QFASL files are
LMT QFASL for the black-and-white version, LMCT QFASL for 
the color version, and AI:LLOGO;3D for the three-dimensional

Comments, questions and complaints to Henry Lieberman (HENRY@MIT-AI).