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Query about proposed slight change to FIX and FIXR functions

A general comment. I have seen the following catch-phrase in many
lisp and Lispm notes:

    Date: 11 MAR 1981 1758-EST
    From: Moon at MIT-AI (David A. Moon)

    ... exists in Maclisp and its functionality
    may be dictated by the way particular pdp-10 instructions work.

Frankly it bothers me, and although I feel funny addressing it to
people who are more expert than myself in such things as the pdp-10,
I think I must address it as an issue of intellectual honesty.
(0) many pdp-10 arithmetic instructions are usefull, even if they
    are "simple" and don't have "error checking."
(1) the phrase "may be dictated" considerably weakens the statement.
(2) Because of "1" the reader may be tempted to see an attempt
    at arguing against the "FIX" function via the effective technique
    of "guilt by association" with Maclisp.

In other words, can't we just let Maclisp RIP?


I realize I say this at the risk of creating yet another catch-phrase
based on "guilt by association" with GJC.