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Broken versions of the system.

There seem to be several Lisp Machines that have bands with systems with
major versions numbers between 60 and 64.  These systems should NOT have
been copied around to all the Lisp Machines, for the simple reason that
they don't work.  They have known bugs in them that are so bad that we
considered the systems unacceptable for release to users.  That is why
you didn't get any announcements about them.  In the future, please do not
copy around bands using new major versions until we announce that they
are ready for release; otherwise you are just asking for trouble.

To remind you of the current state of things: the old system was major
version 59, and the new system, which you can recognize by the
inverse-video mouse-documentation line above the who-line, is major
version 65.  The latest microcode is 739.