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Lisp Timings

	As most of you know, there will be an attempt made to do a
series of Lisp timings in which various benchmarks submitted by the
Lisp community are tested on a variety of different Lisp systems.
Since there will need to be some translations done in order to run
these benchmarks in systems for which they were not intended, there
is the secondary (!) problem of learning what is really needed to do
these translations more readily in the future.

	I will be co-ordinating this effort and will be distributing
the results when they are in. For this purpose I have set up 3
mailing lists at Stanford:

	LISPTIMING 	 the list of people interested in this topic
	LISPTRANSLATORS, the list of people who have volunteered
			 to do the timing tests (and translations)
			 at the various sites
	LISPSOURCES	 the list of people who will be supplying

	You can MAIL to these entities at SAIL (e.g. MAIL
LISPTIMING@SAIL...)  and thus avoid swamping the mailing lists we
have beenusing so far.

	If you care to be on one of these lists, please send me
(rpg@sail) your login name and site exactly as your mailer will
understand it along with which list you wish to be on. If you are
supplying programs or talent, please let me know which Lisp, which
machine, and which OS you are representing.

	In addition, a list of all messages pertaining to this
extravaganza will be on TIMING.MSG[TIM,LSP] at SAIL (you can
FTP from SAIL without logging in). In general, this area will
contain all of the information, programs, and results for this

	If you know of anyone who is not on the net and who may be
able to help, send me a message and a method for getting in touch
with him/her. Over the next few days I hope to establish some of the
methodological considerations (such as GC times) for the project.

			Dick Gabriel	(RPG@SAIL)