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I will volunteer to co-ordinate the Lisp timing test. I plan to contact:

	Deutsch/Masinter at Parc (InterLisp on MAXC, Dorado, Dolphin...)
	RPG/ROD at SAIL (MacLisp on SAIL, TOPS-20, FOONLY F2)
	VanMelle@SUMEX (InterLisp on TOPS-20)
	Fateman at Berkeley (FranzLisp on VAX)
	Hedrick at Rutgers (UCILISP on TOPS-10?)
	Fahlman/Steele at CMU (SPICELISP on ?, MacLisp on CMU-10)
	HIC at MIT (Lisp Machine)
	JONL at MIT (MacLisp on ITS, NIL on VAX)
	Westfold at SCI (InterLisp on F2)
	Weyhrauch at SAIL (Ilisp on SAIL, LISP1.6 on SAIL)

If anyone has any suggestions about who else to contact or other Lisps
and/or machines to try, let me know soon.