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How to not get hit by bugs!

When bugs are discovered in the installed Lisp Machine system, the
maintainers try to quickly fix the bugs, and create a system patch so
that everyone can benefit from the fix immediately.  Unfortunately, we
often find ourselves getting bug reports regarding bugs that have
already been fixed and patched.  (Like, for example, an annoying bug in
Auto Fill Mode in Zwei was fixed in patch 59.7, but people are still
reporting it.)  So it appears that some people are not loading patches.

It's extremely easy to load up the patches.  You just do
(si:load-patches) and answer "Y" to the questions.  (You can also type
"P" for "Proceed" to get all the rest of the patches to a particular

If you are slightly more ambitious, you can dump out a new band that
already has the patches, to save the time of loading them in the future.
If you want to know how to do this, read the CONCEPTS and MAKING PATCHES
sections of the file AI: LMDOC; INSTAL NEWSYS.

These patches have lots of nice bug fixes and can save you a lot of
trouble.  Please save yourself trouble and annoyance: load the patches.

(This has been another friendly public service announcement from your
friendly Lisp Machine Group...)