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Patch system change in System 59

As of System 59 (which was just released), compiled patch files have a
second file-name of "QFASL", rather than being named "PQFASL" as they
were in previous versions.  I thought this change would be invisible
to users, but it can cause problems if you use systems whose major
version does not change with System 59, such as Daedalus and Macsyma.

If you try to load patches and find that you get a "File Not Found"
error, and that the file it was trying to load has one of the second
names "QFASL" or "PQFASL", then when it prompts you for a new name to
try, try using the other one, and see if that one works.

We will take further steps to try to prevent this from happening to you,
but if it does, that's how you can get around it for the time being.
Sorry for the inconvenience.