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Bug reports

We are very interested in fixing bugs wherein the Lisp Machine seems to
"freeze up".  Sometimes people report having this happen to them, but,
unfortunately, simply hearing "I was typing at the editor when all of
the sudden everything froze" doesn't tell us anything helpful.

The most useful thing you can do is to try to find one of the system
hackers and let us look at the situation.  If this is impossible,
sending a bug report with the following information would be somewhat
more helpful than just saying that things "froze":

Were the blinkers blinking?  Was the mouse tracking?  Was the time of
day incrementing?  What did it say in the who-line?  Did it appear to
lose as the result of some particular command, or just in the middle of
computing away?  Did you do anything unusual that might have caused a

Thanks for your help.