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If you bring new bands to machines or dump bands with disk-save

When you bring a new system band from one Lisp Machine to another, and
then you want to build a special-purpose band like a Macsyma or DPL
band, please leave the regular plain system on ONE band and dump the
special-purpose one on ANOTHER band.  Furthermore, please leave the
default band set to the plain band, not the special-purpose band.
Recently CADR15 has been found with only a Macsyma band and no plain
band, and CADR8 has been found with only a DPL band and no plain band.
Furthermore, the default band on CADR8 was the DPL band, and so it
started up in the DPL package which was confusing to unsuspecting users.
It helps the rest of the user community a lot if you keep
special-purpose bands separate.  Thank you very much.