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hardware fixes

as of now, all installed cadrs (except cadr12) have received a set of hardware updates.
these include  mods to the io board and the disk controller, including the one that
allows band-transfers to work without creating junk. all these cadrs can now use new
keyboards, and should get them; the mod that makes the new kbd work also tends to cause
the system to spuriously warm-boot more often if it has an old kbd. (most of the
cadrs still with old kbds are the dept. machines).

it is suggested that people who transfer bands continue to compare the transfer to
the original, just in case.

cadr12 will be hacked at a time convenient to shipmn and me, and all future cadrs
(15 and >) will hopefully have these mods installed before they are shipped.

all and sundry are reminded that the place to complain of STRICTLY HARDWARE bugs
is (surprise!) BUG-HARDWARE. send mail to bug-hardware if your console blows up
or something similar. do not send (or even cc:) software bugs to bug-hardware; we
can't help you with those, and will only get annoyed at the junkmail.