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(WARN-IF-CHANGED ZWEI:KILL-BUFFER -7317423. 44.3) ;BAK 10/17/80


     ...my definition...       )

Every time the code is loaded, WARN-IF-CHANGED will compare the hash,
-7317423., with the version defined at that moment and act as described.

Well, you say, figuring out the original bunch of arguments to
WARN-IF-CHANGED looks like a pain in the ass.  True, but help is only a
Zwei command away!  If you type in your file:


and then place the cursor anywhere within the form and hit the command
CtrlTop-W (same new or old keyboard) the form will be textually expanded
to look like:

(WARN-IF-CHANGED ZWEI:KILL-BUFFER -7317423. 44.3) ;BAK 10/17/80

IMPORTANT NOTE: The function that is hashed to get the -7317423. is
whatever happens to be in the function cell at the moment.  Thus make
sure the system function (i.e. not yours) is the one loaded when you hit