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World 40.1 is now available.  It includes support for using a TOPS-20
as a file computer, and knows about hosts SPEECH, EE, and XX, as well as
AI and MC.

In order to implement this, some major changes were made to the
internals of the file system, mostly dealing with filename parsing.
For internal reasons, a new package called FS (or FILE-SYSTEM) was
created, consisting of the files QFILE and FNUTIL.  Parsed filenames
are now instances.  Look at AI:LMIO;FNUTIL > for details.

If any of your code calls SI:FILE-EXPAND-PATHANME, SI:FILE-SET-FN2, or
SI:GET-FILE-SYMBOLS, it may no longer work.  We do not expect many
users to be calling these functions.  If you have problems converting,
MMCM or I (HIC) would be happy to help you.

Of course, the only way that the new TOPS-20 file job will get fully
tested is by use.  It seems to work well enough to read and write both
text and binary files.  Some of the more esoteric features have not
yet been tested.  Please report any bugs giving as much information as
possible to BUG-LISPM.