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  27 series cold loads are making their appearance.  Two important things
to note:
  (1)  CAR or CDR of a CLOSURE, ENTITY or INSTANCE is an error.  Do a
     (%MAKE-POINTER DTP-LIST xx) if you want the function part.  Eventually,
     it will send a message to an ENTITY or INSTANCE if CAR or CDR of it is
  (2)  When using the console program CC to look at a core image of a 27 or higher
     cold load, be sure you have the latest version of QF.  (The simplest way
     to be sure of this is to be using a 27 or higher system to do the CC).
     This is because a microcode change affects the procedure for
     determining where the swapping partition is.  If you use an old CC,
     you could clobber the disk!!

  Version 27 has JERRYB's ESCAPE package by default.  Most other changes
are bug fixes or hooks for the microcompiler.