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Re: New system installation

If you need to use one of the system 19 bands, you will have to
revert the microcode back from 604 to 579.  When done, please remember
to change it back.  There is a plain system 20 and a Macsyma in system 20;
hopefully someone will make a vision system 20 shortly.

Installing new systems on all of these machines takes a lot of time; I
would like to have users take over some of this burden.  Instructions
on how to do it may be found in the file AI: LMDOC; INSTAL NEWSYS.  The
version numbers of the current microcode and current system may be
found at the front of this file.  There is not yet a newer system wanting
to be installed, but if you are interested you could read the file and
see if it makes sense to you.

However, it is easy to break the machine doing this, so if you want to
be helpful but don't totally understand the instructions, please don't
try to figure it out by experimentation, ask me or another Lisp machine
wizard.  Also, these instructions will not work in system 19; it will
appear to work but the system you get will fail to boot.