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MEDFNT replacement

I've put a MEDFNT font replacement in AI:LMLIB;MEDFNT QFASL .  It' a
typewriter-style font which I happen to like (since I created it pixel
by pixel and tuned it over a long period of time).  Further, I use it as
as the standard font.  (It's a MEDFNT replacement to maximize its
availability in standard system-type fonts (many of which use MEDFNT).)
I do a (TV:SET-DEFAULT-FONT 'FONTS:MEDFNT) after loading it, and then
a (CLEAR-RESOURCE 'TV:SYSTEM-MENU) to make the system menu get recreated
in its new image.

You may hate it.  I happen to like it and think it's a real eye-saver
as a default font.