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New arguments to old functions.

The following two changes were made some time ago, but never generally

The LOAD function now takes a fifth argument named NO-MSG-P.  If the
value of this argument is T (it defaults to NIL), then LOAD will not
print out the message that it usually prints (that is, the message that
tells you that a certain file is being loaded into a certain package).

The functions SUBSET and SUBSET-NOT (also known as REM-IF-NOT and
REM-IF) now take a &rest argument, named EXTRA-LISTS, in addition to the
first two arguments.  If EXTRA-LISTS is present, each element of
EXTRA-LISTS (that is, each further argument to SUBSET) is a list of
objects to be passed to PREDICATE as PREDICATE's second argument, third
argument, and so on.  The reason for this is that PREDICATE might be a
function of many arguments; EXTRA-LISTS lets you control what values are
passed as additional arguments to PREDICATE.  However, the list returned
by SUBSET is still a "subset" of those values that were passed as the
first argument in the various calls to PREDICATE.