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GPRINT is documented extensively in AIM-611.  This memo both describes
its basic design, and serves as a manual for its use.

The printer is available as LIBLSP;GPRINT FASL

The old version of the printer is still available as LIBLSP;GPRINT OFASL.
The new version is incompatable though it is similar in basic design.
The old version will no longer be supported in any way.  I recommend
that all users convert to the new version.  Bugs in the new version
should be sent to BUG-GPRINT on AI.

Some people may still be using LIBLSP;#PRINT FASL or AI:DICK;LSPMP QFASL.
These two programs are horrifyingly out of date.  If you still want to use
them copy them to your own directory.  I will delete them in January.

				Dick Waters