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General interest; answers to common questions.

The following two answers to common questions may be of general interest.

Many people have pointed out many typoes in the Third Edition of the
Lisp Machine Manual (the red one).  The one that has bothered the most
people is on page 102, near the bottom, where :named-structure should be
changed to :named-structure-symbol.  In general, if you suspect a typo
in the manual, you might want to look at the on-line source text and see
if it is one that has already been found and fixed.  The file name that
you should look at is printed at the bottom of every page of the manual.

If you load a file that tries to SETQ the variables BASE and IBASE, and
that file has a "Base" property in its -*- line, you will find that it
doesn't work.  This is because if the file has such a property, then the
values of BASE and IBASE are saved before the file is loaded and
restored after it, so that they can be set to the value of the property
during the loading.