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Re: transportability

    Date: Sat ,19 Sep 81 00:01:55 EDT
    From: CSVAX.fateman at Berkeley
    To: info-lispm@mit-ai
    Subject: not having read the common-lisp manual, 
    Cc: CSVAX.jkf@Berkeley, CSVAX.sklower@Berkeley

    What this means is no one is restricted from defining and using Gumbies
    some X-lisp, but if Gumbies have no counterpart in common-lisp, it
    MAY happen that the programs using Gumbies are not transportable.
    This is totally reasonable. In fact I thought that Griss had done
    this type of thing.

I don't think it's reasonable; I LIKE being transportable. At least, nobody has complained
to me yet...
 Seriously, I think having three different syntaxes for (for instance) the "LOOP"
macro sucks. From the compiler's point of view, it may be alright (with some sort 
of style declaration as is used in Franz Lisp) but at top-level it really loses. Must 
the programmer remember which flavour of Lisp is he currently using?