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While EE's LIB: is offline...

If you are running diagnostics or debugging other machines in CC,
OZ:SRC:<L.UBIN> contains the neccessary microloads (MEMD, UCADR).

Many times people try to salvage editor buffers (with
CC:SALVAGE-EDITOR), but they lose because their machine cannot
find the right microcode.  This happens when the machines are not
running the same software.  The microload directory is
EE:LIB:<LISPM.UBIN> for Symbolics, OZ:SRC:<L.UBIN> for MIT.
These should be substituted for each other, or for SYS: UBIN; as
alternative pathnames after a FNF (file not found) error.  You
might have to use the c-N, C-P, c-m-R, and (eh-arg n) features of
the debugger to get the file loaded correctly.  (This is
neccessary for the :WHY command in CC.)