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Attempts, possibly ill-fated, are being made to restore the Lab's Lisp
Machines to their former pristine state, after the late summer madness.  You
can help by sending mail to BUG-HARDWARE telling if you have broken
keyboards, mice, memory boards, or other Lisp Machine components sitting
around in your office, machine room, automobile, or what have you.  Better
yet, you could bring them to 936.

If your machine or machines have less than 256K of memory, send mail to
BUG-HARDWARE.  It is no longer necessary or even desirable to cannibalize or
gut other machines to make yours work; and it is no longer a good idea to
steal, hoard, or lock up Lisp Machine components.  So if you got 'em, give
'em back, or we'll snip some wires on your backplanes, O.K.?