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System 222

System 222 is now released to users.  It goes with microcode 977.  LOD4
of LM6 (222.57) contains the official release band.  Unfortunately a
couple of the bands I used while debugging the release software were
copied to a other machines before this announcement.  Although I think I
destroyed all of them, there may still be some lurking in the shadows,

Updated release notes are in OZ:SRC:<S.DOC>RELEASE-4.TEXT.  Hardcopies
of the release notes will be available in large quantities as soon as they
are printed.  System 222 is being released early to beta-test sites; in
a few weeks it will be renamed to Release 4 and sent to all Symbolics

There are very few changes in 222 since 218.  The only major change is a
remodularization of the Hardcopy software (the long promised "New
Hardcopy System").  Most programs which ran in 218 should run without
change in 222.  Experimental System 218 had a number of fairly serious
problems, and should no longer be used.

A major change affecting MIT users in this release is that OZ is now the
SYS host for symbolics systems.  The sources are kept in a hierarchy
under SRC:<S>, and patches and sources will be updated between MIT
and SCRC periodically.  The sources on EE will continue be updated
infrequently, but should be considered read-only to make life easier for
me when merging files.  We hope that this move is more conducive to
co-operation between the MIT community and Symbolics.  The move to OZ does
not, however, reflect any policy change:  software modifications made at
customer sites are still subject to audit, and everyone is expected to
abide by the software agreements between MIT and Symbolics.

If there are any questions, please addess them to BUG-LISPM@MIT-OZ.