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The last word on GMSGS (don't you dare reply to this message!)

OK, ok...  noone's ever happy.  Here's the final word on the Twenex GMSGS

Since it's supposed to be compatible with the ITS one, it takes the same
set of arguments:  To specify the user whose messages are to be gotten,
give his username, or a filespec (the directory is the username (sigh)).

The default messages to get are the System ones.  You can specify FORUM
or /FORUM to get those (currently the only other BBD we use), or ALL or
/ALL to get all BBDs.

The stuff is put by default in PS:<username>MAIL.TXT, but if you specify
/ZMAIL, it goes in PS:<username>ZMAIL.TXT;  if you say /INTO you can then
specify an arbitrary output file.

The /MAIL switch remails all the messages through the mailer, so that
any bizarre forwarding you are doing will work.

/NOISY and /SILENT control how much output the thing sends back to you.
Normally you'll get "[There are messages]" or "[No messages]", but with
/SILENT you get nothing.  I can't remember what /NOISY does... I just
remember that it prints out more junk in cases where it wouldn't

I kludged around having to put some sort of terminator at the end of
the command line, so do whatever silly things you want... put a CR or
a NEWLINE or nothing... It don't care...  It equally and fairly mutilates
EVERYTHING you give it.

That's it.   Don't send bug reports....