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CADR-4 move

CADR-4 has moved to the seventh floor.  This is partially because the
console moved out of the lounge when the lounge became an office, and
a number of people felt that it would be under-utilized in RG's
office.  It was hoped that because the seventh floor is warmer and
quieter than the ninth floor, CADR-4 would get more use there.  It was
also done because the Music Group wanted to put some special-purpose
hardware on one of the general-use AI Lab machines, for use as a
backup for their own machine.

Despite the fact that CADR-4 has moved to the seventh floor and a
piece of special hardware (a synthesizer) will be attached to it, it
remains a general AI lab resource.  The console will be in the alcove
near 797, where CADR6 is now, and CADR6's console will be moved to the
hammock station.  Just as before, any AI Lab member has as much right
to its use as any other AI Lab member, including members of the Music
Group.  No AI Lab member should attempt to punt any other AI Lab
member from it.  In this respect it is like CADR-6, which, despite the
fact that it is a general AI lab machine, also has special hardware on
it (an FPS array processor).  While the music group will possibly
attach synthesizer hardware to other 7th floor machines in the future
(e.g. CADR6 or CADR33), these too would remain general AI lab machines
like CADR4.

CADR-7's T-300 disk will be swapped for CADR-4's T-80 so that a music
band can fit on CADR-4 in addition to fresh bands.  We hope that its
having moved to a more comfortable location will encourage increased
use of the machine.