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Incompatible changes poll

There are two incompatible changes, part of Common Lisp,
that I warned users a year ago to watch out for.

These are (LISTP NIL) returning T,
and (// 5 2) returning the rational number 5\2 instead of 2.

I am now considering making these changes only for files
marked as being Common Lisp files, so that they will not affect
existing code.
This change of plans would mean less conversion work for you,
but it would produce a slightly less clean system.

I will leave the decision up to you, the users.  Please tell me your opinion.
Each of the two planned changes is a separate issue.

It would be desirable to treat the change to order of array elements
in the same fashion, but this is easier said than done.  Unless I
see a way to do it, I will have to make this change for all programs
as I announced a year ago.  See section 8.8 of the manual for details.