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High resolution video projection?

[I apologize to those who have already seen this msg; this is another attempt
to reach LISP machine users as opposed to people on Symbolics' internal mailing

I want to buy a hi-resolution monochrome video projector suitable for use with
generic LISP machine or Star-type terminals (ie approx 1000 x 1000 pixels).
It would be nice if it cost less than $15K and didn't require expensive 
replacement parts (like light valves).

Does anybody know of such currently on the market?

I know, chances seem dim, so on to my second point: I have heard it would be
possible to make a portable video projector that would cost $5K, weigh 25lb,
and project using monochrome green phosphor.  The problem is that industry
does not feel the market demand would justify production at such a price ...
Any ideas on how to find out the demand for such an item?  Of course if
all of you who might be interested in this kind of projector let me know
your suggestions, that would be a good start.
Thanks in advance for replies and/or notions,
Fred Lakin