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"OZ" is not a flavor object

    Date: Tuesday, 13 November 1984, 18:31-EST
    From: Carl R. Manning <crm at MIT-OZ>

    This bug is easily reproduced; just type <function> <help>.  However
    it seems to be deeply rooted, as the same error crops up if you then try
    to send a bug report, either from the debugger or from ZMail.  That's
    why this message isn't in the form of a bug report.

    I think something is finding a string where it expects a flavor object. 
    Error messages look something like:


The bug is in your init file.
	    zwei:*host-for-bug-reports* "OZ"	  ; Where to BUG- people.
zwei:*host-for-bug-reports* is supposed to be a host, not a string.
Many other people have reported this, but apparently our replies haven't
hit everybody.  Therefore, I am sending this to LispM-Uses.

This applies for Symbolics machines running 5.2.
zwei:*host-for-bug-reports* must be a host object, not a string.  If you
don't like the default value (I don't know what it is) and if you want
it to be OZ, you should use (net:parse-host "OZ") instead of just the
string "OZ".  Everybody please update your init files.