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Communication Channels Between M.I.T. and Symbolics

The purpose of this message is to publicize the channels of
communication that we will be using with M.I.T.  We are trying to
distinguish between the two most common types of discussions:  technical
and administrative/policy.


I realize that this message will be read by people other than M.I.T.
users, due to the broad distribution of these mailing lists.  However,
please understand that the procedures described herein apply only to
M.I.T. users.

Technical Discussions:

These discussions happen on Bug-LispM.  Symbolics people will
communicate freely.  If the discussion leads to the conclusion that
M.I.T. needs a special patch, the patch will be forwarded to Dennis
Doughty, the Symbolics Field Office Software Support person responsible
for providing service to M.I.T.  Dennis will deliver it to M.I.T.  We
hope that this will provide the most prompt and efficient response, as
well as the most complete technical service, to M.I.T. users.

Administrative/Policy Discussions:

These discussions are appropriately left to administrative people.  Jim
Roche, the Symbolics sales representative who is responsible for M.I.T.,
is our spokesperson.  He has identified the administrative people at
M.I.T. who buy systems, negotiate deals, sign contracts, and discuss
policy.  These people include, but are not necessarily limited to:

	AI Lab		Karen Prendergast 

	LCS		Dave Gifford
			Greg Papadopoulos
			Richard Soley
			Peter Szolovits
			Richard Zippel

	RLE		Web Dove
			Lance Glasser
			Ken Krohn
			Bill Rabinowitz

	ERL		Roger M. Turpening

	Arts & Media	Dave Zeltzer

Any M.I.T. user who has questions or comments regarding purchases,
loaners, policies, and the like, should contact the M.I.T.
administrative person who is responsible for his or her machine.  If you
don't know who that person is, you can call Jim Roche (577-7600), and he
will help you figure it out.  You can also send mail to ROCHE at

Our technical people will not respond to any administrative/policy
issues that come to Symbolics via Bug-LispM.  Instead they will redirect
the question to an appropriate internal forum, to be discussed, resolved,
and communicated by the administrative folks.  Such issues will be
acknowledged on Bug-LispM, and periodic status reports will be issued.  

Current Status of Open Issues:

A revision of the Release 6 Source Code Distribution Program is now in
place.  Jim Roche has all the details.  As soon as we have a general
flyer for distribution to customers, we will send it to these mailing
lists.  In the meantime, contact your administrative person.  

From:	Ilene H. Lang, Vice President, Software Products