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Availiability of Symbolics Release 6.1 for 3600's at MIT

We now have Release 6.1 of the Symbolics system here at MIT.  Here's how
to get it onto your machine.

If you use an AI lab machine, you have to get a FEP:>AI-6-1-A.load
world load on your machine. There are many machines at the lab that
already have this world installed on them. Use the Copy World command to
copy the world from one of them to your machine.

If you use any other machine, you have to get a FEP:>MIT-6-1-A.load
world load on your machine. You can copy it over from other machines
that you might know have it with the Copy World command. Two machines
that surely have this band are JANIS and BUDDY, but look around first
before transferring from one of those machines, because they might be

You will also need microcode version 336 to run Release 6.1. Make sure
to type Copy Microcode 336 to your machine before you try to run 6.1.

People with FPA's on their machine should note a warning included with
the distribution: "If our machine has a Floating Point Accelerator, then
you should use FPA microcode. Instead of using the standard FPA
microcode you would ordinarily use, you should use the color version of
the FPA microcode." Consult the paper titled "Documentation Updates for
Release 6.1" for the full text of this warning.