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New world loads availiable for Symbolics machines.

If you have been having Namespace problems (!) on your Symbolics lispms
lately, like not being able to refer to OZ and getting random
notifications about machines getting deleted from the MIT namespace, you
probably are running an old world load that will cause you problems, and
you need to get a new world load on your machine.

If you are using an AI lab machine, you should be running at least the
world AI-6-1-B.load. This load is on most of the lab machines, but not
all. You can easily get this world on your machine by typing
(dis:get-distribution), and then rebooting when it's done.

If you're not using an AI lab machine, but are using a MIT machine, you
need to use the :Copy World command to get a new world load on your
machine. If your machine has the new fep system installed in it (version
127), then you want to copy the world MIT-6-1-C.load from JIMI, which is
an incremental save from the distribution world Release-6-1.load, which
you copy from one of many machines. If you don't have new fep proms in
your machine yet, copy the world MIT-6-1-B.load from JIMI. You should
arrange with your service rep to get V127 Fep proms installed in your
machine as soon as possible. See the Release 6.1 patch notes for
information about the new FEP proms.